Lakeville Speedway Salutes Dave Haven Sr.
Date: Thursday, September 15 @ 20:30:56 UTC
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My racing weekend kicked off with a huge and pleasant surprise. As I was walking into the pits at Lakeville I spotted the Super 6 car headed towards the tech area with none other than Dave Haven Sr. behind the wheel. You might recall that Dave has been suffering from health issues for some time and the last time I saw him was late July. It was tough to see such a historic racer looking so weak but he went out of his way to shoot the shit with me which meant alot to me. At that point I figured we probably wouldn't see the old timer strapped into a race car again but hoped to see him in the pits again soon. Well, I must have underestimated this stubborn old fella because there he was Friday night strapped in and ready for action. I figured it was only right to do something special for him to show the appreciation from the entire racing community for such a determined racer. At intermission Dave wheeled his ride onto the front stretch to be honored by all of those in attendance. By this point of the evening Dave had already run his heat race and made it clear that he would be running the feature too. The crowd responded with a loud and long standing ovation. It's not often you get to honor a guy with 48 years of racing experience under his belt, and this will be a moment to remember forever. I'm very grateful that I could be a part of it. They just don't make racers like him any more for sure. Even with his health problems he ignored the incredible temperatures just to get back out there and do what he loves. RACE! And race he did, bringing the Super 6 car home in 7th place when the checkers flew in the feature. Damn it was good to hear that big ass Mopar engine roar by again. Thanks Dave for making my entire weekend one to remember and for all those years you've dedicated to racing. I salute you, Lakeville Speedway salutes you, and racers as well as race fans that recognize your dedication to racing salute you. We all salute you sir!

Bob Wengerd

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